Food For Thought

On every level, whether it be food, service or quality of staff, we set ourselves incredibly high standards. It’s not simply enough for us to meet client expectations, we have to exceed them. It keeps us ahead of the field and we have to be, as there’s a lot of competition out there and it’s never wise to underestimate it. The food we deliver is fresh, creatively prepared and beautifully presented – that’s a given. But it also has to be the sort of food our customers really want to eat, such as our new breakfast sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, executive box lunches, gourmet salads, sandwich platters or delicious desserts.

Our goal is to provide menus that have a good variety of options for your daily catering needs and special-event requirements. It is vital that our options reflect employee work patterns and cater for their specific tastes. And of course, menus should be exciting and innovative, acknowledging global influences and changing trends in the food industry.

We firmly believe that the values that made us one of the best small company will be the same ones that make us one of the best big company; caring passionately about our food, our people and our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

The Beauty of Seasonal Food

Working with Ontario food that’s in season is better in every way; it offers freshness, good nutritional quality, great taste and better value for money. We have a great wealth of fantastic produce on our doorsteps so we’re all for celebrating and enjoying it. If we don’t, some of our best Canadian produce will simply disappear. The Ontario countryside and its farmers and growers need our support and at Shopsy’s we’re more that happy to provide that.

For the Healthy at Heart

We know our customers want to have more options and eat healthier and so we provide every opportunity for them to do that. Please speak with one of our catering team members regarding any special request and we will look after you.