A classic since 1921!

When Harry Shopsowitz first opened the doors of his modest ice cream parlour in Toronto’s garment district back in 1921, he had no idea that “Shopsy’s” would one day become one of Canada’s most respected and successful brand names.
Expanding from milkshakes, cones and sodas, Shopsy’s Delicatessen quickly won over the palates of a city and a nation with its highly distinctive home recipe for brine-cured corned beef, specialty smoked meats, pastrami, hot dogs, and a whole new world of contemporary gastronomic delights for what is now Shopsy’s Deli, Restaurant & Catering.
Quality, freshness, taste, price and above all, a passion for perfection define the Shopsy’s experience.
The following full-service restaurant and catering and barbecue menus are designed with an unwavering commitment to providing you with a dedication to excellence that can only be savoured at Shopsy’s Deli, Restaurant & Catering.


Shopsy’s has been tantalizing the taste buds of corporations, tourists, students, sports fans, athletes, families and celebrities from all walks of life.  From our traditional in-house-cured corned beef, smoked meat and pastrami, to our reubens, world-famous hot dogs and appetizers, Shopsy’s cuisine has become synonymous with good times and unparalleled dedication to excellence and an historic presence that has only improved over time.