Shopsy’s Deli, Restaurant & Catering

The KING of Sandwiches Since 1921

Shopsy’s, the KING of Sandwiches. Since the early 1920’s, the Shopsy’s brand has set the standard for excellence and innovation. Blending deli classics with new and unique dining choices, Shopsy’s adds to a remarkable tradition as Canada’s leading restaurant and catering specialist.

Shopsy’s. A classic tradition that only gets better with age. Harry and Jenny Shopsowitz began the first “Shopsy’s” — a small ice cream parlour in the city’s garment district that soon turned to Harry’s obsession, the slow and tender in-house curing and smoking of meat products that would soon make “Shopsy’s” a household name.

Into the 21st century, the Quinn family – always connoisseurs of the highest quality cuisine – purchased the brand. Shopsy’s restaurants can now be found in the city’s financial district, Markham, the Roger’s Centre and Toronto Island.

The Quinn’s have also revitalized the Shopsy’s legacy of providing the most extensive and custom-tailored catering. New contemporary catering menus make Shopsy’s corporate, social, celebrity and charity catered events, once again, the talk of the town.