Our Choice is Green

The Shopsy’s philosophy is to meld sustainability and the smallest of environmental footprints with the very best in quality food choices and customer satisfaction.

And we’re not just paying lip-service to maintaining both our green thumb and commitment to creating the lowest carbon impact possible.

By going local, we go green. Our preferred locally-sourced suppliers share in this assurance and obligation. In-season and local produce, composting, recycling, minimal packaging, reusable catering implements and a conscious effort to reduce food waste all add to this century-old, family-owned company’s dedication and responsibility to future generations.

Sustainability Policy

Shopsy’s Catering uses only biodegradable disposable products as part of our environmental policy.
Our cups and take-out containers are all biodegradable, whilst we recycle and reuse our serving trays, minimizing the waste.
In addition, our produce is farmed from local sources, our fish is bought from sustainable sources, and we offer Fair Trade produce and a menu free of genetically modified ingredients if so desired.
Our food is handmade by passionate artisans who practise sustainable, ethical and social responsibility.
While our efforts represent merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preserving our planet for future generations, we strongly believe that the measures we’ve taken to support a healthy environment serve the interests of everybody, both now and for many years to come.